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Plump, sensual, and seductive lips is a dream of every woman. Thankfully, aesthetic medicine improved dramatically, and there is no need to go under the knife of a surgeon to get the looks you’ve always wished for. The most popular products for enhancing procedures are lip fillers. This type of treatment is almost painless, with minimal side effects and a short recovery period. But before making the appointment, it is important to at least know the answers to the frequently asked questions for a better understanding of the procedure.

How Common Is It to Get Fillers for Your Lips?

Lip injections are very common. However, why and how they are done depend on the needs and expectations of the patient, and the expertise of the injector. Younger patients 18-35 years of age want to enhance their natural appearance. Those between ages 35-55 years want to look as good as they feel, and those beyond age 55 want to look good compared to their peers. It is not uncommon for an individual to want lip fillers regardless of what age group they fall into. Most established aesthetic medical practices will perform several lip augmentations each day. Why Do Most Have the Look of Having A Shelf for Lips? It is presumptuous to assume that “most” patients end up with a lip that protrudes like a “shelf.” Lips augmented artfully go unnoticed, because no one knows they were treated. In practice, we want our patients to look as natural as possible. We want others to notice, but no one to know that the lips were treated. Ones lip shape, size and anatomy will vary from one person to another. The curvature of the lip border and how it protrudes should be in proportion to the rest of the lip. If too much filler is placed disproportionately along the lip border, it can create an unnatural “shelf-like” appearance or an exaggerated look that is cosmetically unpleasing. What Is the Best Filler to Use? The answer to this question is not universal, and often the subjective preference of the injector and/or patient. Each product has its unique properties and characteristics. Variables among the different products include hyaluronic acid concentration, particle size, extent of crosslinking and its method, rheology, cohesiveness and compressibility. All the aforementioned absorb water, some more than others, and this can give rise to temporary swelling. The proper choice of the filler will depend on what the injector hopes to achieve from an aesthetic perspective.

What Makes Someone an Expert in This Field?

To answer this question would seem self-serving. However, there is a plethora of collective experiences among injectors in this field. Being astute to the variety of techniques, needles, cannulas, products, lip shapes, sizes, and individual patient goals is paramount to be an “expert” in the field. One must have a passion for aesthetics as these procedures marry science with art, and skill comes with patience, experience, and the humility to accept that there may always be a better way to treat a specific condition.

Can You Get Rid of Small Lines Above the Lip?

The vertical lip lines, also known as “smoker’s lines,” the “barcode” or peri-oral lines can be improved significantly in most cases by using fillers purposely designed for these types of creases. Some individuals with deep creases that have formed over decades of aging will not see complete resolution. Treating this area is a process that may take a combination of treatments, which may also include botulinum toxin injections, resurfacing procedures or treatments that can help remodel the skin. It is not realistic to expect decades of change to be reversed with one filler treatment. However, with the recent introduction of FDA-approved filler products, we have many more options than we did just a few years ago.

How long does it take?

It only takes about an hour to restore your lost lip volume or add a bit more va-va-voom if you are lucky enough to already have a luscious pucker!

Does it hurt?

It’s not as bad as you think: most people imaging that filler injections in the lip are horribly painful, but they are wrong. The process is uncomfortable, but not bad.

Will I be able to feel it in my lips?

Not all fillers are equal. Only a few of the FDA approved fillers are appropriate for use in lips. The wrong fillers will be stiff, lumpy and unnatural looking. The correct ones will be smooth, soft and will “melt” right into your own lip tissue, feeling just like you.

Will I swell?

You WILL have swelling, although some fillers cause much less swelling than others. Lips are very sensitive, so the swelling starts right away, before your appointment is even finished! If it is your 1st time to do lip injections, the swelling might make you nervous but don’t worry, most of the swelling will be gone in 48-72 hours.

Will I bruise?

You also have a pretty high chance of bruising (lots of tiny blood vessels in the lips) so plan your procedure accordingly.

What can I do if I bruise?

If you do bruise, concealer and a dark, red or matte lipstick will do wonders to hide it.

How long does lip filler last?

FDA approved lip fillers used to lasts 4-6 months however lip filler can now last 9-15 months!

Who should do my lip injections?

This really should be #1. Safety is the most important factor to consider when thinking about any type of injection in your face, be it anti-wrinkle injections, lip filler, etc. Your face is a roadmap of crisscrossing arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, tendons and more. All of it is important.